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Resolving West Lynn Mold Damage and the Underlying Causes

6/18/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO van parked next to a brick building Count on SERVPRO to have the right tools and equipment to complete mold damage remediation in your West Lynn home.

Mold Damage Remediation Should Be Prompt

While more significant natural disasters could impact your home, like a water or fire loss event, many property owners misunderstand the effect of mold. These microorganisms move fast through a household and use multiple surfaces and contents as hosts. Several areas of a property are susceptible to mold development, such as:

  • Attics
  • Basements
  • Crawlspaces
  • Laundry Rooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens

Knowing where West Lynn mold damage could be found is an essential first step in tracking the progress of active development in the house and working to combat its adverse effects. We are skilled AMRT-Certified technicians accredited through the IICRC and NORMI to provide direct restoration and recovery solutions after mold gets discovered on your property. 

How Likely is Mold Damage in West Lynn?

Environmental factors can make mold a more common occurrence in Essex County residences than you might think. From the marshlands near the coast to high humidity during the warmer seasons of the year, structures often contend with moisture content exceeding the necessary threshold for mold development. If you believe mold might be growing in your home or business, it is crucial to secure professional remediation services as soon as possible. 

DIY Cleanup and Remediation

Many homeowners mistakenly accept wrong information found on the internet regarding the management and removal of mold. In most cases, the problem is beyond the outermost layer of affected contents, making chlorine-based products only partially effective in particular circumstances. Moreover, failure to remove the organisms entirely can lead to further structural deterioration and worsening environmental conditions.

Containment Limits Spore Activity 

An early action to take when contending with active colonies moving in the building is to establish containment. Forming barriers eliminates spore circulation to new areas, allows for a staging zone to be erected, and prevents cross-contamination to undamaged residence portions. Systems get constructed of thick polyethylene sheeting and a framework that can get quickly erected when SERVPRO AMRT-Certified professionals identify the perimeter of the work area.

Remediation Strategies for Mold Damage

Removing mold colonies is an intricate process that must get conducted carefully. Failure to fully clear the organism can spread this same organism through connected and nearby organic hosts. We evaluate the impacted surfaces and determine the needed approach based on the penetration of the fungi, the affected material, and the anticipated time/cost of remediation. Options for mold removal and remediation include:

  • Surface cleaning
  • Sanding
  • Media blasting with sodium bicarbonate
  • Controlled demolition
  • Antimicrobial application

Lingering Effects of Mold Damage 

While a couple of persistent concerns could exist after mold remediation nears completion, few have the widespread impact of harsh smells. Musty odors are a typical byproduct of mold development and must be removed to restore comfortable living conditions. We have counteractant tools like foggers to help, but hydroxyl machines and air scrubbers combine to complete this formidable task. 

Full-Service Contractors for Recovery

Mold threats can often result in a need for tear-out and reconstruction. Controlled demolition is one of the final remediation measures when materials become heavily impacted, so SERVPRO must reinstall these same construction elements. We have a general license for build-back services as a full-service contractor to replace missing structural components and rebuild to original or reimagined specifications. 

With West Lynn mold damage more common than homeowners might think, it is essential to have a plan to remediate active growth and restore the damage harmful organisms can cause. As leading AMRT-Certified technicians in Essex County, SERVPRO of Saugus, West Lynn professionals are ready to help whenever you might be dealing with mold threats. Call now at (978) 744-0409.

The Three Main Phases of West Lynn Water Damage Restoration

6/18/2022 (Permalink)

Equipment in a water damaged room Facing water damage? SERVPRO is prepared with restoration equipment and experienced technicians in West Lynn.

Water Damage Restoration Requires Specific Actions

Few instances require the same level of urgency as an active water disaster like a burst pipe or leak. While the water can be shut off to the property to stop the flow, immediate action must be taken to protect the house, repair the damage, and dry the structure. Water restoration focuses on three key areas:

  • Mitigation
  • Drying
  • Cleanup/Repairs

The West Lynn water damage that homes and businesses can experience is rapidly spreading and destructive to sensitive building materials and contents. Not only can the moisture be a damaging scenario, but the possibility of secondary threats like mold should encourage fast action by experienced professionals. Our specialists work fast to provide needed mitigation services. 

The Objectives of Water Damage Mitigation

Mitigation is the initial effort to reduce the severe impact that water disasters can often have on a property. Since many of these scenarios involve standing water and migrating moisture, it is important to get these emergency services started as soon as possible. Our rapid response team is equipped to help with:

  • Water Removal Services - Extractors from our inventory manage any standing water or pooling in the structure. These units can include pumps and vacuums. 
  • Content Protection - Personal belongings are often in harm's way after water disasters. We can help in multiple ways, beginning with relocating these items to safer spots in the house. When damage exists, we have practical cleaning strategies on and off-site to help. 
  • Inventory and Inspection - Post-water damage cleanup and recovery estimations and restoration plans require knowledge of the structure's condition and impacted contents. Our production management can walk through the residence and document damage, loss, and needed corrective action. 
  • Bulk Material Removal - The saturation of specific building materials can lead to a need for removing these impacted elements. The longer water exposure is a concern; the more sensitive construction materials can sag and warp under duress. Part of the mitigation process is removing these bulk materials through controlled demolition to prevent collapse and permit easier access to impacted structural cavities. 
  • Needed Repairs - Repairs in this earliest stage include replacing portions of the plumbing system or installing new broken fixtures leaking water. Complete repairs and reconstruction efforts follow most of the restoration process. 

The Focus of Effective Drying

Depending on the spread and severity of disasters, dozens of individual drying tools might be needed simultaneously. Between evaporation, ventilation, and absorption, we have many ways to manipulate the water content of a household to suit specific drying goals. We focus on three key areas:

  • Surface Drying - This is the focus of drying equipment like air movers to eliminate surface wetness by blasting the outermost layer with dry air. 
  • Hidden Moisture Management - Trapped water and moisture that migrates to challenging areas like structural cavities require special equipment to resolve. 
  • Environmental Moisture Removal - Dehumidification units manage environmental humidity by pulling moisture from the air. 

Cleaning Up After Water Damage 

Carpets can be damaged by water exposure, leaving behind mineral deposits and staining the fibers. To combat this damage that could be experienced, we keep cutting-edge carpet and surface cleaning products and equipment available during the restoration. Bonnet and hot water extraction approaches are particularly effective for lightly soiled carpets. 

Because this SERVPRO team is a full-service contractor, we can handle the repairs and reconstruction often needed during water restoration. Replacing removed building materials, restoring the damaged plumbing, and other construction services are critical to making it "Like it never even happened."

West Lynn water damage is one of the most common callouts for our SERVPRO of Saugus, West Lynn roster. For this reason, we keep talented WRT-Certified technicians and cleaning specialists available 24/7 to mobilize fast after disasters. We are available to assist when you need it at (978) 744-0409.

The Challenges of West Lynn Fire Damage Restoration

6/18/2022 (Permalink)

soot damage on a ceiling being removed with a sponge You want a trusted team of experts with the equipment your West Lynn property needs after fire damage. Call SERVPRO right away.

Fire Damage Restoration Focuses on Several Areas

There is no mistaking the urgency of a fire loss situation impacting a home or business. As fire sweeps through the property, first responders get dispatched immediately to quell the blaze and protect what they can of your residence. Likewise, professionals like our SERVPRO team are ready to mobilize quickly as well to ensure that we can provide efficient solutions for:

  • Emergency Services
  • Cleanup
  • Structural Repairs
  • Odor Removal

When West Lynn fire damage occurs, professionals like our SERVPRO team are called upon for mitigation and emergency services. As full-service contractors, we can provide a wealth of initial efforts, including controlled demolition and debris removal. 

A Trusted Name After Fire Damage 

Becoming a preferred vendor for insurance work and the fire restoration solutions required us to be able to enter homes as it was safe to do so and begin vital mitigation efforts. We understand the needs of insurance adjusters to approve damage claims, so we work fast to inspect the structure and comprise detailed estimations. 

Ready for Large Loss Demands 

With many commercial facilities, businesses, and institutions in and around West Lynn, our professionals must be prepared for the additional requirements of these structures following fire damage. We have trailered equipment and hundreds of restoration tools to meet larger structures' demands without compromising the efficiency these businesses expect. 

What Emergency Services Are Needed?

Emergency services are the initial steps our professionals take to secure a structure and prevent avoidable harm. The faster these actions occur, the more the residence can be protected from the migrating fire loss effects. 

  • Water Removal - High volumes of water are often necessary to extinguish a fire, but it can result in pooling and standing water in the areas of your home most impacted by the fire. We utilize multiple extraction devices and drying tools to help eliminate this secondary threat. 
  • Air Filtration - Smoke and soot particles in the air can create a volatile environment and continue to threaten exposed building materials and contents until air quality improves. We have HEPA filtration products that can reduce airborne particulates. 
  • Debris Cleanup - Ash, smoke solids, and charred materials must all be cleaned up and discarded as soon as possible to reduce soot and smoke odor concentrations.

Surface Cleaning Solutions for Fire Damage

Soot and smoke residues comprise the most substantial restoration obstacles for experienced technicians of our SERVPRO team. Many variables can impact the cleaning techniques necessary, including the type of underlying material, smoke damage, and contact time. We work to establish the most efficient method of removing surface soot and preserving building materials and contents affected as much as possible. We can implement more abrasive measures if surface cleaning is ineffective, such as media blasting and agitation. 

The Reconstruction Necessary After a Fire

After a structure fire, significant reconstruction and repair are often required. Not only will SERVPRO professionals need to complete controlled demolition early in the restoration process, but our full-service team has the experience and knowledge to complete multiple build-back needs for the property. 

Lingering Odors Present a Problem

One of the final obstacles technicians must overcome following a fire is the removal of lingering malodors. Burning and combustion involving many different types of materials can leave a formidable smell in the affected areas of the house. Plastics and accelerants can create offensive odors beyond typical smoke produced by organics. Counteractants and cleanup can help reduce the severity of these conditions, but foggers, hydroxyl machines, and ozone generators complete this process. 

Professionals must act fast when contending with West Lynn fire damage events. As leading post-disaster relief and recovery technicians, we can respond quickly to these emergencies to begin mitigation and restoration services. Call our SERVPRO of Saugus, West Lynn team today at (978) 744-0409.

Water Restoration Happens Fast in West Lynn with SERVPRO

6/17/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO equipment working in the living room of a home Team SERVPRO arrives on the scene with knowledgeable technicians and effective equipment to tackle the task at hand. Contact us 24/7.

Air Movers in Water Restoration of West Lynn Homes

Air movers are crucial pieces of equipment during the water restoration of your West Lynn property. Air movers enhance the evaporation at a surface level by replacing cold, saturated air near the surface with warmer and drier air from the dehumidifiers. 

SERVPRO techs rate air movers used in water restoration of West Lynn homes based on two aspects-

  • The volume of air generated, and
  • The velocity of the air 

The volume of air produced by the equipment is measured in CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute), while the air velocity moving across the wet surface is measured in feet per minute (FPM). SERVPRO techs need to use air movers with high volume or high-velocity output depending on a given situation. 

Types of Air Movers SERVPRO Techs Use in Water Cleanup in West Lynn

The type of air mover that SERVPRO techs use during water damage restoration in West Lynn depends on the covered area and the moisture extent.

  • Centrifugal Air Movers: Produce high static pressure for a given air volume. In other words, they produce air with a high velocity that techs can direct to specific wet areas. Centrifugal air movers are also called thrust air movers as they have a high FPM rating. SERVPRO techs often use this piece of equipment during water restoration to “float” carpets blowing air under them to accelerate drying. 
  • Axial Air Movers: Deliver a high air volume but significantly lower velocities than the centrifugal design. As these require less amperage, they are ideal in situations where electricity is limited.  

Combined with strategically placed dehumidifiers, air movers help SERVPRO techs restore your water-damaged property “Like it never even happened.”

Call SERVPRO of Saugus, West Lynn at (978) 744-0409; we are available round the clock.

SERVPRO Offers Premier Fire Restoration in West Lynn

6/17/2022 (Permalink)

soot residues on the walls and ceiling of a room Fire damage restoration must always include dealing with any remaining odors. Call our IICRC certified team 24/7 to discuss the process.

Deodorizing West Lynn Homes During Fire Restoration

Successful removal of odor during fire restoration of your West Lynn home requires a thorough understanding of the nature and behavior of smoke. SERVPRO techs understand how odor molecules permeate a structure causing an odor problem after a fire incident. 

SERVPRO uses a combination of deodorization techniques during fire restoration of your West Lynn property. The goal is to help the deodorant particle reach the odor-causing molecules that penetrate porous surfaces. Apart from the small size of the odor particles (between 0.1 to 4 microns), techs must pay attention to other factors that help them penetrate materials-

  • Heat: Hotter the temperature, the deeper is the penetration of odor molecules
  • High Concentration: If more residue is present, it can impact a greater surface area
  • High Exposure Time: The longer the residue particles stay, the deeper they can penetrate

SERVPRO techs develop a deodorization strategy that considers all these factors to leave your home smelling “Like it never even happened.” 

Tackling Odors Lingering in Air of Fire Damaged Homes

SERVPRO techs use air scrubbers to remove air-borne odor particles after fire damage to your West Lynn home. This equipment pulls air through charcoal filters capturing the volatile odor molecules. The filtered air is then reintroduced back into the indoor environment. In some situations, techs also use air scrubbers fitted with HEPA filters if any particulate matter in the air needs to be removed.   

Another effective method to eliminate lingering odor is ventilation. SERVPRO techs use ventilation fans to exchange indoor and outdoor air, exhausting odors outside and drawing in fresh air from outside. 

If you need help with fire restoration, call SERVPRO of Saugus, West Lynn, at (978) 744-0409.

Saugus Businesses Trust SERVPRO with Water Restoration

6/17/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO equipment working in a hallway Don’t let water damage at your commercial location put you in a lurch. Contact SERVPRO for effective water restoration services. We are standing by.

Why Choose SERVPRO for Water Restoration of Saugus Properties?

Water intruding on your commercial property can spell disaster for your business. Without proper management, the situation can quickly go out of hand. However, with SERVPRO in charge, water restoration of your Saugus property is fast and effective. 

SERVPRO technicians are prepared, experienced, and capable of handling any size of commercial water restoration in Saugus. Our IICRC-certified experts understand the importance of quick and decisive action in reducing the extent of damage after a water incident. The restoration process is underway as soon as our team arrives at the location. 

Role of Humidity Control in Water Damage Remediation

The most effective method to speed up the drying process and prevent additional water damage is controlling the humidity of the affected area. SERVPRO techs use different types of dehumidifying equipment during water restoration of commercial properties in Saugus.

Humidity control also helps minimize moisture migration, potential secondary damage, and microbial amplification. SERVPRO techs use two types of dehumidifiers in commercial water remediation projects-

  • Refrigerant Dehumidifiers: Air is passed through refrigerated coils in these dehumidifiers, causing water vapor to condense out of the air. These dehumidifiers are ideal for drying surfaces that are moderate to highly porous and permeable by water and air, such as dry walls and carpets.
  • Desiccant Dehumidifiers: Air is passed over special materials such as silica gel, which absorbs moisture for the wet air. Techs use this equipment to dry dense materials with low porosity and permeability, such as hardwood floors and concrete.   

You can rely on SERVPRO for quick and efficient service; after all, We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster. 

Call SERVPRO of Saugus, West Lynn, at (978) 744-0409 to talk to our restoration experts.

Handling Flood Damage in West Lynn Properties After a Storm

5/27/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO storm damage can happen fast Fast and immediate flood damage restoration services for your home need to be handled by SERVPRO. We will be on-site within 4 hours of the first call.

SERVPRO is Available 24/7 in West Lynn to Assist with Flood Damage

If flash flooding caused contaminated water to come into your West Lynn property, you must be aware of the possible hazards. SERVPRO is here with the proper training and equipment to handle water removal services while being mindful of the risks involved. We arrive at your door to perform a thorough assessment of all structural elements and the potential contamination in the flood water so we can formulate the best course of action. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Whether you have an apartment building where the ground floor is taking on water or a private residence with a basement filling up, professional flood damage intervention in West Lynn is best. SERVPRO knows how to navigate storm-related water intrusions and work to restore versus replace to help you salvage your belongings.

When handling flooding, our skilled water restoration technicians will:

  • Safety – We wear personal protective equipment (PPE), put containment barriers in place, and follow detailed safety protocols.
  • Documentation – We record all facets of the job, including belongings being packed up and moved out and all work procedures.
  • Mitigation – We use water mitigation efforts to salvage materials and contents, dry out the property, and facilitate cleaning and deodorization.

Will My Flooded Property Be Safe?

Structural integrity gets carefully assessed before your water removal, and flood restoration project begins. Our technicians understand that significant water can cause joints to shift or lead to damage t the foundation. We follow the S500 guidance outlined with our IICRC certification to ensure safety during the project. Should there be a need for reconstruction/reinforcement of structural elements, our team gets to work so that the restoration can proceed. General contractor license #: CS-114298

There is no team better to have on your side when dealing with storm flood damage than SERVPRO of Saugus, West Lynn. Give us a phone call 24/7 for emergency response at (978) 744-0409.

Mold Removal Myths vs. Professional Mold Remediation in Saugus

5/22/2022 (Permalink)

Open windows caption on a green background Mold remediation is no DIY project. Call the professionals at SERVPRO for the experience and equipment needed for your home.

SERVPRO’s Mold Remediation in Saugus Gets the Job Done Safely

When it comes to something like black mold development, many people misunderstand what it is and how to approach it. For example, mold removal is impossible as mold spores are everywhere, and you cannot wholly eradicate them. However, you can restore your Saugus home or business safely and effectively with skilled mold remediation. SERVPRO is there for best practices while handling molds and other contaminants.

Why SERVPRO? Because our team is ready to handle mold remediation in Saugus so that all surfaces are disinfected, Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned.

Everyone should know why mold damage repair and remediation are important

With hundreds of types of mold and microscopic spores floating all around us, it is easy to become overwhelmed at the thought of cleanup. Safe, effective remediation is possible with the right techniques, training, and the proper equipment – such as what we offer with SERVPRO. Helpful tips about mold to keep in mind:

  • Given the right environment of moisture and organic food matter, mold will thrive and colonize fast.
  • It is imperative you address the root cause of the moisture issue, or the mold will come back.
  • Some of the telling signs mold spores are present include foul, musty odors and visible patches of mold growth.

SERVPRO’s Green Fleet comes stocked with equipment and products that our team uses to address mold cleanup. After we arrive onsite, we perform a thorough inspection and make notes of all areas marked for cleanup. Containment barriers get put into place, and we put on PPE before getting to work. Equipment often used in mold-related projects includes:

  • Moisture detection tools such as hygrometers, meters, and sensors
  • Infrared camera technology
  • Powerful dehumidifiers
  • Air scrubbers with HEPA filtration
  • Specialized vacuums

Contact SERVPRO of Saugus, West Lynn, whenever you require professional mold remediation. You can reach our customer care team online or call (978) 744-0409.

Carefully Select Commercial Water Damage Repair Technicians in West Lynn

5/15/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle outside a job site. Commercial water damage repair is a job for SERVPRO. We have the manpower and equipment for every size disaster.

West Lynn Businesses Count on SERVPRO for Water Damage Repair

There are many situations where a water-related emergency can turn your West Lynn business upside down. Whether you had burst pipes overnight that caused thousands of gallons to saturate the inside or there has been a hidden, slow leak creating damage over time, you need skilled professionals to handle the restoration for you. Hiring someone without experience or trying to leave the cleanup to your in-house maintenance team can bring on additional costs and hassles. SERVPRO wants all area customers to know that we are here for all of your emergency water restorations and damage repairs – 24-hours a day!

Commercial water damage in West Lynn should never wait, so SERVPRO is available to arrive at your door within four hours of initial contact. We begin assessing the water damage, following the path of migration. What this does is help us locate any areas where moisture might be lurking. Someone without the proper training may leave multiple areas saturated with moisture, bringing the potential of mold growth and material damage.

Some of the steps you will see our highly-trained water restoration technicians (WRT) taking during your commercial project include:

  • Containment to keep water from migrating further into unaffected areas of your business.
  • Water removal services with the help of submersible pumps, gas-powered pumps, truck-mounted extractors, and other tools.
  • Pack-out services to store or relocate contents so that our crew can move freely during the restoration project.
  • Protection of equipment during the project with plastic sheeting. If any office equipment or electronics call for restoration/inspection, we will call in the help of trusted area professionals.

After removing the water, we begin water damage repair to address saturated materials and replace them with new building materials. Everything gets brought back to pre-water loss condition to be safe and inviting for staff and customers. - General Contractor License #: CS-114298

Call (978) 744-0409 to contact our team at SERVPRO of Saugus, West Lynn. We are available 24/7 for all of your fire and water cleanup needs.

Professional Fire Restoration Approaches in West Lynn Homes

4/28/2022 (Permalink)

green box truck parked SERVPRO Our Green Fleet arrives fully stocked with equipment and products to restore fire damaged homes in West Lynn, "Like it never even happened."

Restoring Your West Lynn Fire Damaged Home

The damages caused by a fire can be pervasive, even if the fire may have been swiftly extinguished. Almost every item in the affected room needs to be cleaned because of smoke, odor, and soot. Smoke residues like soot permeate nearly every surface during a fire leaving harmful residues. Your West Lynn home is not safe before fire restoration, hence the need for a reliable restoration company such as SERVPRO.

Fire damage restoration in your West Lynn home should involve more than just a general clean-up. Assessing the whole house is essential to establish the more elusive impacts of fire and repair the destruction which may have occurred while putting out the fire.

Other negative effects of fire loss

  • Structural breaches
  • Water damage
  • Pervasive odors

Cleaning smoke residues on hard floors

After light cleaning, smoke and soot may visibly disappear. However, remnants still lurk within the floor and walls of your home, and removing them requires a deep scrub or sanding and refinishing. Soot can be a dry or an oily substance that can leave a thick layer on floors and easily stain items it lands on. It is advisable not to touch any items after a fire because you could rub in soot, causing stains.

During and after a fire, floors collect immense smoke residues as the particles which do not adhere to the walls and ceilings end up on the floor. We may have to perform two cleaning sessions for heavy smoke residues at the beginning and end of the restoration process. For hardwood floors, we scrub along the grain to avoid streaks.

Other useful cleaning tips

  • Changing the water constantly when cleaning multiple times
  • Using furniture pads before placing contents on wet surfaces
  • Systemic approaches such as starting at the back moving towards exits

SERVPRO of Saugus, West Lynn, provides homeowners with exceptional fire restoration services. Call us at (978) 744-0409. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.