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What Are Some Crucial Fire Safety and Prevention Aspects Saugus Homeowners Need to Know?

10/27/2021 (Permalink)

replacing battery in a smoke detector SERVPRO says checking your batteries in your smoke detectors can prevent fire damage and safety issues in your Saugus home

SERVPRO Observes Strict Safety Protocols During Restoration and Also Advises Homeowners on Prevention

No property is immune to fires since various sources, including unattended cooking, candles, and electrical faults, can spark an incident. However, appropriate fire safety and prevention practices by a homeowner can reduce the chances. If a fire has already affected your property, involving a professional during restoration can help you learn how to prevent such occurrences in the future.

The most crucial aspect of fire safety and prevention for Saugus homes is personal discipline. Most causes of fires affecting homes have some aspect of indiscipline which, if eliminated, reduce chances of such incidents occurring. SERVPRO can evaluate your property, establishing what you can do or change to improve fire safety.

Some of the basic steps that can help with fire prevention include:

  • Installing surge protector for your electrical appliances
  • Removing lint from cloth dryers
  • Installing smoke detectors in all rooms and checking their batteries regularly

Safety does not end with prevention. Even after your property is affected by a fire incident, you still need to take steps for your safety. For instance, when there is a significant blaze in your house, you should leave the property immediately and notify the fire department. After the fire is put out, you should involve a professional fire restorer.

Professional assistance helps protect you from the hazards posed by the renovation process. SERVPRO takes various precautions, including using PPE and clearing clutter to manage the risks at the loss site.

Safety at a fire loss site focuses on a variety of issues, including:

  • Harmful substances
  • Deodorization procedures
  • Work procedures

We at SERVPRO stand by our motto of We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster. We promise the highest standards of professionalism during the fire damage restoration process, always keeping you in the loop, and leaving the job site clean and neat until completion of the service.

SERVPRO of Saugus, West Lynn can help you achieve fire safety and prevention goals for your home before or after an incident. Call us at (978) 744-0409.

Do Water Restoration Companies Always Deliver Better Outcomes for Saugus Homeowners?

10/19/2021 (Permalink)

corridor, vapor barriers, dehu SERVPRO provides the equipment and expertise for successful water damage mitigation for Saugus homes and places of business

Companies Like SERVPRO That Emphasize Professionalism Tackle Water Damage Satisfactorily

When water, especially from clean sources, leaks into your property, you might not expect severe damage since there are no contaminants or soils involved. However, moisture exposure can be highly destructive if not handled properly. Calling water restoration companies to mitigate the damage is one reliable way to address the problem.

You may have a dilemma deciding whether to involve water restoration companies when your Saugus property is affected. One of the factors that can complicate decision-making is the fear of the unknown. SERVPRO handles every loss professionally, and therefore you can expect quality results.

Some of the factors that can tell you a company emphasizes professionalism include:

  • Use of state-of-the-art equipment
  • Having highly trained and certified staff
  • Reliable customer service
  • Networking with other service providers

Restoring water damage takes various actions, including extracting any pools from surfaces or soaked materials, cleaning soiled areas, and refinishing affected materials, among others. Completing these tasks fast and satisfactorily requires the right equipment. SERVPRO has a variety of extractors, cleaning equipment, and drying equipment for big or small jobs.

Technical expertise is also essential when doing restoration work since it guides aspects such as choice and placement of equipment, how much time to assign each task, and the use of chemicals. SERVPRO provides teams made up of different professionals.

Some of the crucial skills when dealing with moisture include:

  • Water damage restoration
  • Applied microbial remediation
  • General construction industry training
  • Applied structural drying

SERVPRO of Saugus, West Lynn is an established water restoration company that you can rely on to deal with any water issue, “Like it never even happened.” Call us at (978) 744-0409.

How Essential Is Professional Fire Damage Management in West Lynn Properties?

10/11/2021 (Permalink)

grey roof, fire damaged We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. SERVPRO protects your fire-damaged roof in West Lynn with tarps to mitigate the damage

SERVPRO Responds Quickly and Maintains High Professional Standards to Ensure the Best Outcomes

In the chaos following a fire incident, you might ignore some crucial tasks or overemphasize trivial ones. One way to avoid such a predicament when your West Lynn property is affected is to find a professional restoration team to assist you.

Various actions are necessary after an incident of fire damage at your West Lynn home to protect it against secondary damages or resolve the problems caused by flames, heat, and combustion residues. Protection may involve pre-cleaning vulnerable surfaces or constructing protective barriers on the outer sections of the house or inside the rooms. Since such protective actions must be done expertly and in good time, calling a professional like SERVPRO presents the best chance to realize satisfactory results.

Some of the crucial actions professionals can help you take include:

  • Boarding up or installing roof tarps to seal openings
  • Identifying and protecting vulnerable items
  • Starting odor control soon after arrival at the loss site

One unique thing about calling SERVPRO to help respond to a fire incident at your property is our speedy response. We understand how important resuming normal routines are for your general wellbeing.

A speedy response is possible because:

  • Our customer care office is available 24/7
  • Our production trucks are pre-packed with the necessary equipment to respond to property disasters
  • We assign sufficient team members for each restoration task

Maintaining high levels of professionalism is another crucial pillar in delivering acceptable results. For instance, by emphasizing testing of various aspects such as residue spread patterns or moisture migration, we cannot overlook any issue. Our SERVPRO technicians are also highly trained and use appropriate equipment for various tasks.

SERVPRO of Saugus, West Lynn is committed to resolving any case of fire damage, “Like it never even happened.”  Call us at (978) 744-0409 whenever you need assistance.

Should Homeowners Attempt DIY Mold Remediation in Saugus?

9/28/2021 (Permalink)

mold on wall, man holding head This is not a DIY mold remediation job in this Saugus home--call SERVPRO for lasting results

Possession of proper equipment and extensive training is why SERVPRO is the safe and practical choice for Saugus mold remediation

Some property owners feel confident performing mold remediation in Saugus residences. When coping with a truly superficial outbreak, it might be possible for you to remove the mold and dry out the area, but many times the mold growth, and the damage it brings, returns.

Why Is SERVPRO Able to Deliver Successful Mold Recovery Results?

Adherence to the research-based protocols developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the key to ridding Saugus homes’ structural components of active mold colonies and inhibiting future mold development. The EPA process unfolds as follows:

  • Locating the mold, including inspection inside building cavities
  • Donning personal protective equipment (PPE) to avoid tracking moldy residues into other areas and to protect workers
  • Containing the mold removal area to prevent contaminating other parts of your home, nearly always by wrapping affected spaces with 1.6 polypropylene and often by using negative pressure air scrubbing equipment to exhaust moldy airborne debris
  • Removing the mold by mechanical means including scrapers, brushes, and, particularly for porous materials, controlled blasting with soda, dry ice, or corn grit
  • Collecting mold and moldy debris using double bagging and then disposing of the residues according to local regulation
  • Vacuuming area with HEPA filter-equipped machines to remove the last particles
  • Applying EPA-registered antimicrobials to inhibit continued mold growth

Why Can SERVPRO Help with Long-Lasting Mold Abatement Planning?

Mold will become a chronic problem unless you find and solve water damage and excess moisture issues in your Saugus residence. Mold spores, always present, need just a few drops of water and 24 to 48 hours to grow. Our managers and technicians have extensive water mitigation, remediation, and drying training from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). We are well-prepared to assess where the moisture lurks and how to banish it in your home, why SERVPRO gives you comprehensive solutions to manage mold remediation challenges both now and later.

Commitment to best practices is why SERVPRO of Saugus, West Lynn stands ready to conquer present and ongoing mold concerns. Call us at (978) 634-3361 for an honest evaluation of your microbial remediation needs.      

Why Do Saugus Flood Damage Restoration Professionals Use Controlled Demolition Techniques?

9/21/2021 (Permalink)

school flooding, muck on floor Whether a residential basement in Saugus or a school, count on SERVPRO for storm damage cleanup and restoration, "Like it never even happened."

Carefully planned interventions enable SERVPRO crews to manage leaking roofs from storms and basement flooding cleanup in Saugus

Flood damage in Saugus homes can include the challenge of substantial quantities of contaminated fluids trapped inside building cavities and absorbed into structural components. Post-storm emergency services targeting water damage remediation start with:

  • Safety hazard evaluation, focusing significant attention on discovering and controlling for pooled water over ceilings, between walls, and under flooring
  • Moisture detection and measurement using sensitive devices
  • Scanning for hidden caches of flood water with infrared imaging technology

How Does SERVPRO Access the Trapped Flood Water Inside Saugus Homes?

Permitting water to drain and moisture to dry slowly after a flooding event in Saugus results in progressive structural deterioration and secondary water damage like mold infestation. Odors develop, affecting your family’s enjoyment of what was a cozy dwelling. SERVPRO crews refer to the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and other training mastered, concluding efforts to release the water and open up wet confined spaces are vital. Some strategies include:

  • Punching weep holes in sagging ceilings from the outer edge, gradually moving toward the center to avoid collapse
  • Removing baseboards, toe kicks, beadboard, paneling, and cabinet backs to allow access to collected water
  • Accelerating water removal and facilitating drying by drilling holes on vertical surfaces
  • below flood lines for drainage and threading hoses carrying warm, moving air to speed evaporation
  • Drilling into cinder block mortar joints to mitigate basement flooding
  • Sawing flood cuts between wall studs several inches above the water line in plaster or drywall to expose and removed wet building materials

Does the SERVPRO Team Possess Specialized Skills Enhancing Controlled Demolition Results?

As a licensed general contractor in Massachusetts, SERVPRO offers residential flood victims flood mitigation and restoration resources, including expert, controlled demolition, without seeking and hiring another company. The streamlined water clean up possible with in-house construction support reduces the time, expense, and disruption of basement flooding cleanup. We can also complete or arrange for necessary build back, making evidence of the demolition merely a memory, “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO of Saugus, West Lynn delivers comprehensive flood damage restoration. Call (978) 634-3403 round the clock to schedule a prompt assessment and plan for water damage repairs.

Contractor Licenses:

General: cs-114298

What Options Do West Lynn Commercial Property Owners Have When Preparing for Disaster Restoration?

9/13/2021 (Permalink)

ERP mobile app device The answer to preparation and mitigation for structural damage from water, fire or mold to your West Lynn business is SERVPRO's ERP Plan

Work with SERVPRO professionals to develop an Emergency READY Profile (ERP) for efficient property damage mitigation and remediation

Whether you own or manage a store, multi-family residential units, restaurants, schools, or other commercial property in West Lynn, the disruptive potential of fire, water, storm, or mold damage affects not only you and your business. Your employees, customers, and the community also feel the impact. With so many people and concerns at stake, it is crucial to make disaster recovery preparation a priority.

Should a Business Start from Scratch When Planning a Disaster Response?

Take advantage of SERVPRO's extensive experience in the commercial property damage restoration business and streamline disaster preparation in West Lynn. Our Emergency READY Profile Plan (ERP) has a proven track record, advantageously positioning countless firms to endure and thrive after natural or human-made crises with minimal disruptions and limited downtime.  SERVPRO has a robust framework ready to support your customized plan.

What Does SERVPRO Need to Craft a West Lynn Commercial ERP?

SERVPRO's most effective ERPs are collaborative efforts. To devise a personalized disaster preparation document, we must gain detailed information about your commercial property's physical plant and how your business works. During the creation of your ERP, expect the following:

  • On-site assessment by a seasoned SERVPRO project manager
  • Memorialization of your commercial property's blueprint and instructive photos into digital form, available 24/7 for SERVPRO crews
  • Discussion concerning your equipment, inventory, document storage, and day to day operations to protect them and devise ways to maintain a viable business presence during restoration efforts
  • Recommendations for changes or adaptations aimed at disaster prevention and damage limitation if a problem occurs
  • Communication of an overall damage response plan agenda, including how to alert SERVPRO that your business needs help

Will Your Business Lose Control with an ERP?

SERVPRO partners with West Lynn businesses during the ERP development process, seeking significant property owner or building manager input. Our ERP is a dynamic digital document with a mobile app feature permitting our customers to add details, rank priorities, and share information about equipment and systems vendors and contractors. The ERP app allows a business to designate SERVPRO as its preferred source of emergency services for disaster mitigation, remediation, and restoration. To prevent delays if you are out of town or otherwise unavailable when circumstances requiring ERP services occur, you can nominate specific individuals to act and work with SERVPRO on your behalf.

Team up with SERVPRO of Saugus, West Lynn to protect your business from disastrous outcomes with an ERP. One call to (978) 634-3403 starts the process.

SERVPRO Uses Advanced Techniques to Clean Finished and Unfinished Surfaces on Your Lynn Home

8/28/2021 (Permalink)

house in fire picture When fire damage restoration is needed, SERVPRO is the team of professionals to call. We have specialists in fire damage restoration.

Fire Damaged Walls in Your Lynn Home is a Job for SERVPRO Technicians.

When your Lynn home suffers fire damage, our SERVPRO technicians can clean the walls and ceilings to look new again. Whether it's plaster, wallpaper, or painted surfaces that you want to be restored, there are specialized techniques to do the restoration work. We use advanced equipment and appropriate cleaning solutions to get the job done right. No single cleaning procedure can be used for all surfaces, so we have to be creative in our approach.

How Do SERVPRO Technicians Choose the Most Appropriate Approach During Fire Damage Restoration in Lynn?

Depending on the extent of fire damage in your Lynn property, we may need to use various cleaning approaches. If your walls are covered with wallpaper, our SERVPRO technicians remove it if it is already charred. We then wash your walls and ceiling with water, detergent, and chemicals to remove any smoke residues. If the paint has been severely charred or damaged by heat, we remove it first using a low-pressure steam cleaner. Additionally, we do the following:

  • We may use the white form when cleaning the ceilings to prevent discoloration from taking place.
  • For smoke damage on walls, we first clean them using special chemicals and then use cleaning products with low alkalinity to not discolor your paint job.
  • We use microfiber pads to wash ceilings and walls since they are more effective than rags or mops.

SERVPRO of Saugus, West Lynn has all the equipment and experience to get your painted surfaces looking as good as new again. Call (978) 744-0409 today to work with reliable industry leaders.

SERVPRO Understands the Importance of Treating All Water Damage Incidents in Lynn with urgency

8/18/2021 (Permalink)

dishwasher leaking water Water damage may occur in different ways. SERVPRO IICRC certified technicians are trained and experienced in all sizes of water damage restoration.

Leaks From a Pipe Burst in Your Lynn Home

Several hazards are likely to arise when your Lynn home suffers water damage. The longer you wait to call a restoration company like SERVPRO, the worse your losses are likely to become. The problem needs to be addressed, the quicker it can be solved. Time is of the essence when dealing with water mitigation, primarily when focusing on all-important safety issues.

How Does SERVPRO Solve Different Safety Hazards When Restoring Your Water Damaged Property?

Our SERVPRO technicians begin by performing a safety evaluation before performing appropriate water damage restoration procedures in your Lynn property. We normally encounter damaged insulation, malfunctioning or broken HVAC systems, gas leaks, and mold growth. It is our work to identify these hazards before implementing proper remediation procedures. Additionally, we do the following:

  • We check out for sagging ceilings, and we make weep holes to allow water to drain safely.
  • Check whether electrical equipment contains water and turn off their circuits and ensure they are not operated until they are safe.
  • We ensure gas lines are capped, and valves are shut off so that no one accidentally turns them back on while the restoration is underway or attempts to use a gas appliance.
  • We check out for mold growth, and we eliminate them to minimize the chances of possible health effects.

SERVPRO of Saugus, West Lynn can restore your property to appear "Like it never even happened." Call (978) 744-0409 to work with a company that is Faster to Any Size Disaster. 

Storm Damage in Your Lynn Basement?

8/13/2021 (Permalink)

Flood Zone sign Storms will cause a flood damage in your basement if you are not prepared. SERVPRO will be on-site within 4 hours of the initial call.

SERVPRO Has the Expertise to Determine the Degree of Damage in Flood Damaged Properties in Lynn

Flood damage experiences are common in Lynn, so if your property suffers one, our SERVPRO technicians can help. Our team can check on the structural integrity of your house. We use advanced technology and equipment to test the structural integrity of your walls, ceilings, and floors. If there are signs of damage, we can bring in temporary propping or shoring systems to prevent collapse until a professional contractor can make repairs.

Which Water Removal Techniques Does SERVPRO When Restoring Properties in Lynn?

If the basement of your Lynn home is filled with water after the flood damage incident, our SERVPRO team can pump it out using portable or truck-mounted extraction units. If there is silt, sediment, or other debris in the water, we use shovels and other cleanup tools to remove it.

We can also use:

  • High-performance air movers – we use these units to dry flooring surfaces using a combination of heat and airflow.
  • Moisture detection equipment – tools like moisture sensors help us to find leaks before they cause foundation issues.
  • Vacuuming systems to extract water from hard-to-reach areas.
  • To get rid of bad odors caused by mold growth, we can use the wet fogging technique to direct deodorants into such areas and neutralize the odor-causing particles.

At SERVPRO of Saugus, West Lynn, we are committed to providing you reliable cleaning and restoration services. Call us at (978) 744-0409 if you need assistance at any time of the day.

SERVPRO Can Help Saugus Residents Deal with Water Damage to Their Homes

7/29/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technician and vehicle SERVPRO teams have the tools and experience you need to handle water damages on your property.

With a Fast and Efficient Service, SERVPRO Can Save Your Saugus Home Form Long-Term Effects of Water Damage 

Unmitigated water damage to your Saugus home can have long-term effects on the structural components, causing expensive-to-repair secondary issues. You need professional water damage remediation experts like SERVPRO who understand the importance of time dealing with water restoration.   

SERVPRO’s team of experts can start working on restoring the water damage in your Saugus home within a matter of hours after hearing from you. After all, We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster. Once the SERVPRO experts have assessed the situation, the restoration work begins with removing any standing water from the property. We use advanced water removing equipment to get the job done as fast as possible. The goal is to minimize the exposure time of water with various structural components.   

Some Water Removing Equipment that SERVPRO Techs Use During Water Cleanup of Your Saugus Home  

SERVPRO technicians use advanced technology to remove standing water from your Saugus home after a water incident. Some equipment that we routinely use include-

  • Self-priming extraction pumps- These are heavy-duty pumps that SERVPRO technicians use if there are solids in the standing water. They are mostly powered by gas or diesel and can move up to 16,000 gallons of water per hour, making them ideal in flood restoration.
  • High-pressure pumps- These pumps can offer a high lift and are generally used for pumping out underground structures, including basements and parking garages.  

Call SERVPRO of Saugus, West Lynn at (978) 744-0409; our technicians are available 24/7 to assist you.