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What Options Do West Lynn Commercial Property Owners Have When Preparing for Disaster Restoration?

9/13/2021 (Permalink)

ERP mobile app device The answer to preparation and mitigation for structural damage from water, fire or mold to your West Lynn business is SERVPRO's ERP Plan

Work with SERVPRO professionals to develop an Emergency READY Profile (ERP) for efficient property damage mitigation and remediation

Whether you own or manage a store, multi-family residential units, restaurants, schools, or other commercial property in West Lynn, the disruptive potential of fire, water, storm, or mold damage affects not only you and your business. Your employees, customers, and the community also feel the impact. With so many people and concerns at stake, it is crucial to make disaster recovery preparation a priority.

Should a Business Start from Scratch When Planning a Disaster Response?

Take advantage of SERVPRO's extensive experience in the commercial property damage restoration business and streamline disaster preparation in West Lynn. Our Emergency READY Profile Plan (ERP) has a proven track record, advantageously positioning countless firms to endure and thrive after natural or human-made crises with minimal disruptions and limited downtime.  SERVPRO has a robust framework ready to support your customized plan.

What Does SERVPRO Need to Craft a West Lynn Commercial ERP?

SERVPRO's most effective ERPs are collaborative efforts. To devise a personalized disaster preparation document, we must gain detailed information about your commercial property's physical plant and how your business works. During the creation of your ERP, expect the following:

  • On-site assessment by a seasoned SERVPRO project manager
  • Memorialization of your commercial property's blueprint and instructive photos into digital form, available 24/7 for SERVPRO crews
  • Discussion concerning your equipment, inventory, document storage, and day to day operations to protect them and devise ways to maintain a viable business presence during restoration efforts
  • Recommendations for changes or adaptations aimed at disaster prevention and damage limitation if a problem occurs
  • Communication of an overall damage response plan agenda, including how to alert SERVPRO that your business needs help

Will Your Business Lose Control with an ERP?

SERVPRO partners with West Lynn businesses during the ERP development process, seeking significant property owner or building manager input. Our ERP is a dynamic digital document with a mobile app feature permitting our customers to add details, rank priorities, and share information about equipment and systems vendors and contractors. The ERP app allows a business to designate SERVPRO as its preferred source of emergency services for disaster mitigation, remediation, and restoration. To prevent delays if you are out of town or otherwise unavailable when circumstances requiring ERP services occur, you can nominate specific individuals to act and work with SERVPRO on your behalf.

Team up with SERVPRO of Saugus, West Lynn to protect your business from disastrous outcomes with an ERP. One call to (978) 634-3403 starts the process.

SERVPRO Offers Safe and Efficient Mold Removal in Saugus Establishments

7/23/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo over mold SERVPRO professionals are trained to handle every level of mold damage, Including the odors that come with it. Call us today, we are always available.

Businesses in Saugus Rely on SERVPRO for Mold Removal 

The discovery of mold in a commercial space can be a disaster for your business. Not only is mold a big turn-off for your customers, but mold can cause health effects as well. SERVPRO’s mold specialists can carry out mold removal from your Saugus property and work hard to help you keep the doors of your establishment open.   

The method that SERVPRO techs use for mold removal from your Saugus establishment depends on the type of surface damaged. Although SERVPRO professionals can clean the non-porous surfaces in your place of business, porous material with visible mold growth often must be removed or discarded. As mold reproduces by producing microscopic airborne structures called spores, SERVPRO techs make efforts to prevent the spores from reaching the unaffected areas by establishing containment zones.   

How do SERVPRO Mold Specialists Remove the Mold Contamination from Your Saugus Establishment?

Removal of contaminated material must be done with utmost care. SERVPRO technicians take all possible precautions while mold remediation from your Saugus property.   

  • If mold damage is present on porous material such as fabric, drywall, carpeting, or insulation, SERVPRO technicians need to remove the material itself. Heavy long-duration exposure to wooden materials might compromise their structural integrity, and hence, such material needs to be removed as well. 
  • Mold damage on a non-porous material such as glass, metals, or plastics can be removed using HEPA vacuuming or damp cleaning with a detergent solution. 
  • Material such as wood and concrete are considered semi-porous, and mold can be removed by sanding, damp wiping, wire brushing, or other abrasive methods. 

Call SERVPRO of Saugus, West Lynn, at (978) 744-0409 for any mold-related inquiry. 

Flooding Can Bring Saugus Businesses to a Halt

5/27/2021 (Permalink)

water damaged reception area of office; SERVPRO restoration equipment being used Flood water not only damages your building, but can contain contaminants. SERVPRO is equipped to safely remove the water.

SERVPRO Provides Flood Damage Services to Saugus Businesses to Help Them Get Back to Business

Floodwater is highly contaminated. It can contain toxic chemicals, bacteria, and debris that should only be dealt with by a professional flood restoration company. To ensure your business is properly cleaned and restored, let SERVPRO handle the flood damage.

Contaminated Water Emergency Service Procedures

When flood damage strikes Saugus, businesses are at risk. The building and the content may come in contact with floodwater. Our technicians understand the risks and begin flood cleanup when they arrive. Safety is the first concern, and we take the following steps:

  • Eliminate safety hazards from the job.
  • Immediately disinfect surfaces with an EPA-registered disinfectant.
  • Set up containment if needed.
  • Remove standing silt and debris.
  • Determine what can be decontaminated and restored and what cannot.
  • Remove and dispose of carpet and padding if contaminated.
  • Pressure wash structural components as needed. Disinfect again.
  • Remove materials as necessary to decontaminate the building.
  • Clean and dry interior walls.
  • Repeat disinfecting as needed.
  • Remove and dispose of final debris and wastewater.
  • Dry the premises and content.

SERVPRO follows the strictest guidelines when dealing with contaminated water. We work with you to ensure everything is restored to preloss condition whenever possible. If we need to, we pack out the contents and move them to our warehouse for cleaning and restoration. 

You can trust us to provide the emergency services, water damage mitigation you need to get your business up and running. Contact SERVPRO of Saugus, West Lynn at (978) 744-0409 for professional water damage repairs and water removal services. 

Fire Damage Can Bring Your Saugus Business to a Halt

3/15/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicles outside job site. A business not running is not a good way to live. Call SERVPRO for fast the action fire restoration service you need.

SERVPRO can help Saugus companies get back on track after a fire

When a fire takes place in a commercial building, it typically sets off the sprinkler system. If firefighters are involved, water and chemicals from firefighting efforts can be a problem. That is why water extraction is vital and should happen quickly.

Get Help Fast

 If your company needs fire damage restoration in Saugus, we can help. Secondary damage from hidden moisture can include:

  • Mold and mildew
  • Structural damage from hidden water
  • Ruined ceiling tiles
  • Warped flooring
  • Damaged content
  • Longer cleanup time

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

Not only do we deal with water extraction, but we also get busy cleaning up soot. Soot can cause damage to whatever it touches. There are different types of soot, and depending on the composition, it can stain surfaces. It also has a foul odor that needs to be addressed. We get busy:

  • Cleaning every nook and cranny of your business
  • Eliminating persistent smoke odors with air scrubbers
  • Using industrial-strength dehumidifiers and air movers to help with drying
  • Removing charred debris and unsalvageable items
  • Cleaning contents and inventory
  • Restoring rather than replacing whenever possible
  • Getting your company back on its feet quickly

For commercial fire damage restoration service in Saugus, contact SERVPRO of Saugus, West Lynn at (978) 744-0409.

Set Your Business Up for Flood Damage Success

2/19/2021 (Permalink)

flooded house with water everywhere Has flooding affected your home? Contact SERVPRO to remediate the flood damage situation in your residence.

Counting on SERVPRO for Your Saugus Business After Flooding Ensures Less Costs From Flood Damage

If your business has ever gotten flooded, then you know how stressful this situation can get. Being prepared is half the battle. Having skilled technicians on-site and ready to work within hours will be the best way to ensure that your commercial space returns normal fast. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster, which helps keep you on your feet and all of your employees safe.

Flood damage in Saugus is no match for our proven techniques here at SERVPRO. Steps we take once we arrive at your commercial space includes:

  • Setting up barriers between the flood zone and unaffected areas
  • Taking precautions by wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Careful cleaning of all objects that come into contact with contaminated water – thus removing any potentially harmful bacteria
  • Disposing of totally saturated building materials, including drywall and insulation
  • Rapid drying and water removal by using pumps, extractors, fans, and dehumidifiers in tandem
  • Controlled demolition to ensure your business is left “Like it never even happened.” General contractor license #: CS-114298

You might not always have the ability to avoid a flood, but you can control the impact of flood damage within your commercial space. Calling SERVPRO of Saugus, West Lynn at (978) 744-0409 provides you with professional results and priceless peace of mind.

Does Equipment Abundance Lead To Better Water Restoration?

2/11/2021 (Permalink)

green equipment drying an interior SERVPRO vehicles are stocked with plenty of advanced equipment for home and commercial water damage mitigation in the West Lynn area

For Convenient Restoration of Your West Lynn Business Premises Call SERVPRO

In your search for a restoration service to help your business recover from water intrusion, issues like finding one with sufficient resources to deliver quality results or getting the service at a reasonable charge might cross your mind.

Although quality water damage restoration in West Lynn business premises takes technical skills, experience, and passion, finding a well-equipped team can be advantageous. SERVPRO restoration teams are equipped with a variety of tools to handle each task. For instance, drying wet materials requires the use of dehumidifiers.

Our restoration teams are equipped with different types of dehumidifiers, including:

  • Desiccant dehumidifiers
  • Low Grain Refrigerant LGR dehumidifiers
  • Conventional dehumidifiers

The variety allows our technicians to use refrigerant dehumidifiers at the start of the job when humidity levels are high, and then switch to desiccant after porous materials dry, but there is still wetness in structural materials. In some cases, our SERVPRO crew chiefs might opt for one type of drying equipment for convenience.

Weather conditions can also dictate the use of the mentioned dehumidifiers. From a small retail shop to a large fabricating factory we have you covered with water damage restoration and cleanup. Our business is to keep you in business.

SERVPRO of Saugus, West Lynn considers the client’s convenience when making decisions about water damage restoration.  You can reach us at (978) 744-0409.

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Gets Handled Fast in Saugus by SERVPRO

1/14/2021 (Permalink)

Sign saying Saugus founded 1629 SERVPRO takes pride in serving such a longstanding,vibrant community. Call us for all of your fire damage restoration needs.

Saugus Business Owners Count on SERVPRO For Professional Fire Damage Restoration Services

Saugus had come a long way from when it was first settled in 1629. The city's name comes from an Algonquin word for "great" or "extended," describing the vast forested area, the present-day city's location.

In 1646, the first big business began in Saugus, the ironworks, called Hammersmith. This facility put out nearly one ton of iron daily but did not turn enough of a profit to stay in business, and it closed in 1670. At the time of its operation, it was considered one of the most advanced places that produced iron. After it closed, the building went into a disrepair state and was covered by underbrush. An archaeologist named Roland W. Robbins discovered the site in 1948 and reconstructed the Saugus Iron Works with financial assistance from the First Iron Works Association. The building opened to the public as a museum in 1954 and became part of the National Park Service properties in 1968.

During the nineteenth century, the iron industry had long since waned, and the ice manufacturing picked up speed in Saugus. This cottage industry's roots can get traced to 1804 when Frederic Tudor cut ice from a pond on his land and sold it to nearby Martinique. He was inspired to do this after a trip to the Caribbean where tourists were lamenting, they wished they had ice in their drinks. Tudor became known as "The Ice King," and he made a fortune selling ice worldwide, as far away as India and Hong Kong. Some of the most significant factors that helped Tudor become a success were:

  • Ice was free.
  • Sawdust used to pack the ice was free.
  • Ships in Boston Harbor were empty and cheap to hire. 

The U.S. 1 Highway, known as the Newburyport Turnpike in 1805 when it got built, was considered a mistake initially as the designers had it running through hills, swamps, and grass grew over the road. It required regular maintenance until automobiles became the most widely chosen form of transportation in the 1930s, and it became a toll-free public highway. As the traffic increased, savvy business people moved along Route 1, and in the present, this area generates millions of dollars in sales yearly for Saugus. 

President Andrew Jackson donated a revenue surplus of $2,000 to build the first town hall in Saugus. The building still stands and gets used as an American Legion Hall. The actual cost to build the hall put the city in debt to the tune of $48,000. 

Saugus played a crucial role in the Civil War and sent many of its citizens to fight. Several notable names emerged from the city, such as Gustavus Fox, who was the United States Assistant Secretary of the Navy during the Civil War. A ship launched in 1863, a Union Navy monitor, named the USS Saugus, in honor of the town's commitment. After the end of the war, resident Henry E. Hone donated a large monument made of granite to honor the city's soldiers. The memorial contains all 166 names of the men who served in the war on bronze tablets. 

In the late 1800s, another industry sprang up in Saugus: the tobacco industry. Because during the Civil War, many of the significant southern tobacco plantations got destroyed. The local company of Waitt & Bond became the major exporter of cigars and snuff for the rest of the country, and soon the city was the nation's largest producer of those products. When the tobacco industry began to decline in the 1970s, the city attempted to create two new businesses - an oil refinery and a garbage incineration plant. The plans did not pan out for the refinery, but in 1975 the incineration plant opened. It became the first commercially successful type of operation of this nature in the United States and still runs in the present. The top three industries in the city today are:

  • Health
  • Technology
  • Waste management

Does A Saugus Business Need to Close During Commercial Fire Damage Restoration?

In most cases, commercial fire damage restoration, a Saugus property will need to close during the services. The reasons can range from the danger of structural damage causing an injury to air quality concerns from airborne particulate. 

SERVPRO technicians have an array of specialized equipment to use against soot and smoke damage. The techs deploy air scrubbers and sometimes use negative air chambers to improve the air quality during the restoration. When only a portion of the structure has damage, the techs put up containment to inhibit the spread of airborne soot. Cleanup for this type of loss takes several forms, including:

  • Immersion cleaning as needed for non-porous items.
  • Removal of smoke damage from surfaces using various methods.
  • Application of sealants as needed.

The techs give special care to moving out items that show no signs of damage and separate them from inspection for cleaning and reuse. When articles get removed from a worksite, also known as a pack-out, the techs take careful notes about each item's location and condition. When the business is ready to reopen, it gets put back in its original place. 

This SERPVRO location holds a general contractor license #cs-114298 and offers local commercial properties the opportunity to streamline the restoration and rebuilding services as needed through one place. The trained techs can handle the structural reconstruction and replace drywall, flooring, or install carpet. The need for cosmetic touches such as painting walls and trim can complete the job and leave the building ready to reopen. 

When Saugus properties need commercial fire damage restoration, the owners look to SERVPRO of Saugus, West Lynn at (978) 744-0409 for the solution. The trained technicians can handle any size clean up and make it, "Like it never even happened."

How West Lynn Has Grown and Evolved Since Colonial Times

11/8/2020 (Permalink)

partial skyline of Lynn Water damage mitigation is a keystone of SERVPRO services for West Lynn and Lynn

As one of the earliest European settlements in the state, (West) Lynn has a rich history and culture.

Lynn has a truly remarkable history that has helped to shape its future. From the settlements of Pilgrims and early European farmers to the role Massachusetts and Lynn would play in the American Revolution, there is a long and illustrious history. It is challenging to consider the changes and evolution that shaped the present and future versions of the city without taking the time to appreciate the stages that led to Lynn as many know it today. This population growth would also help services like our SERVPRO restoration professional recovery develop and grow at the same time.

Colonial Lynn

There is an entire era of Lynn's history and growth before reaching the United States going to war with global superpower England. Pre-colonial settlements began in 1629, though at this time, Lynn would be known as Saugus based on the indigenous word for the area. Five prominent families pushing out from this development and Salem would ultimately create the start of present-day Lynn. These families operated and sustained a large mill devoted to timber, grains, and even alcoholic beverages placed in casks and sent to England for the enjoyment of King George. It would be until 1850 for Lynn to be incorporated as its own town.

In the years leading into the Revolutionary War and during this turmoil and strife, Lynn would become necessary for the union. The city held some of the most significant shoe manufacturing facilities. It would be the residents' hard work in these buildings that would ensure that the Continental Army had boots for the ongoing conflict. This trade would ultimately bring about a prosperous age for the town spanning into the 19th century. Our homage to this vital service Lynn provided is on our city seal, where you can see a colonial boot.

Historic Locations in Lynn

Lynn and its surrounding areas have dozens of structures that have been accredited as historic and significant by a national database. While we do have buildings in the region that can date back even before the formation of the United States, some of the most prominent and well-known of these historical properties include: 

  • Capitol Diner – This site is believed to be the final diner of its type by this company still in operation. It has been a staple restaurant on Union Street in Lynn since 1928.
  • Lynn Armory – This facility has been in Lynn since 1893 and has seen many functions and owners from that time to the present. The armory has recently been approved for a project to convert the space into apartments for veterans.
  • High Rock Tower – This is an 85-ft tall tower in the middle of the park of the same name in Lynn. The massive stone building was built by Jesse Hutchinson, famed in the area as one of the members of a renowned abolitionist singing group from the 1840s to the 1880s.
  • Grand Army of the Republic Hall/Museum – This hall is now a museum dedicated to the Grand Army of the Republic – an organization for American Civil War veterans. This hall is the last of its kind in Massachusetts and has maintained its appearance and functionality as living on as a museum.
  • Fabens Building – Lynn was ravaged by a fire in 1889 that forced many properties to get reconstructed from the rubble. William Fabens would take the opportunity to construct a massive building to accommodate the need for large office space and storefronts.

Growing from Strong Roots

As the largest city in Essex County, Lynn has been steadily growing in population and through its industry and commercial offerings since accurate records were first kept in 1790. What was once a population of roughly 2300 after the Revolutionary War, Lynn has grown to accommodate nearly 95,000. The city had to work hard to overcome a bad reputation as an area that was crime-ridden for several decades as a more affordable subcommunity of Boston. Instead of the moniker "The City of Sin," officials spent much of the 1990s campaigning the municipality as the "City of Firsts."

Though many of these proposed 'firsts' were difficult to substantiate, it was enough to help put Lynn in a different light. City officials would suggest that Lynn, MA would be the first place that several of these events or circumstances first occurred:

  • First tannery in the United States
  • First American jet engine
  • Lydia Pinkham - First woman in advertising
  • First fire engine
  • First electric streetcar operating in Massachusetts
  • First iron works facility
  • Birthplace of the roast beef sandwich

When Water Removal is Necessary for Lynn Businesses

Between the thousands of homes and businesses throughout the Greater Lynn area, water disasters can often be one of these structures' direst circumstances. As such, our SERVPRO professionals stay prepared to address these concerns with a prompt response that utilizes many of our top-tier tools and equipment. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster is more than just our motto.

Water removal for West Lynn businesses is a foundational element to restoring and regulating the structure's damage. Extraction can happen at various levels, from addressing surface pooling of standing water to releasing trapped moisture within porous materials exposed. Depending on the present water threat's severity, multiple removal tools are necessary, including wet vacuums, submersible pumps, and other specialty extractors.

Content management and inventory is a vital element of water restoration and removal for Lynn homes and businesses. With the substantial investment, you make in your merchandise and wares, the time spent cataloging damage and relocating items away from the compromised areas is critical. For belongings and stock that require more direct attention, drying, and cleaning, they can get removed and taken to our nearby SERVPRO facility.

Our business is to get you back in business, and that starts with a fast and confident response by our SERVPRO of Saugus / West Lynn team. Give us a call anytime that water disasters strike at (978) 744-0409.

Can SERVPRO Help Restore My Business After A Storm?

9/23/2020 (Permalink)

Person holding a moisture meter on a wood floor Tools such as this moisture meter can assist our technicians in locating and removing flood damage from your business

Yes, we have the equipment and training to Restore your property.

When we think of storm damage, we generally have visions of copious rain and water seeping into our buildings in Saugus. However, we rarely think of the lightning that can come with the storm and how that can affect our office. Weather events are a hazard to the structure of your business, as well as outside elements, wreaking havoc around you. For example, lightning may strike a tree, and it can fall on your building, allowing water to seep into the interior and become a breeding ground for bacteria.

If you work in Saugus and are facing storm damage, SERVPRO is at your service. Our technicians are available around the clock to respond to your emergency needs. They begin the cleanup and restoration process as soon as it is safe to do so. At the core of remediation is extracting water from your company and allowing moisture levels to stabilize. Advanced technology, at our disposal, includes: 

  • Infrared moisture meters
  • Handheld extraction wands
  • Submersible pumps
  • Truck-mounted pumps

Our SERVPRO team monitors the progress of the situation while matching each tool with your needs. Accessing wall cavities and sub-floors is possible thanks to our equipment designed specifically for our industry.

When a storm upends your business, SERVPRO of Saugus, West Lynn can help you get back to normal. Reach out to our expert team at (978) 744-0409. Like you, our goal is to make your business look "Like it never even happened." 

What Tools Are Used When Drying A Business After Water Damage in Saugus

9/17/2020 (Permalink)

assortment denim collection on the stand If you business experiences water damage, count on the professionals at SERVPRO for restoration.

SERVPRO has the tools and training to complete water damage restoration in your business. 

A water leak in your home is one thing, but a whole new set of challenges presents itself in your Saugus business. Your main concern is most likely the potential loss of revenue, and then it might be keeping business hours as usual.  

Recovering from water damage in your Saugus clothing shop without losing too much revenue may seem challenging. However, using the correct procedures, equipment, and products may keep your business operating as usual. Make sure everything of any value, including merchandise and displays, are off the floor and in a safe, dry area to mitigate any secondary damage such as mold infestations or loss of the retail value of your merchandise. 

The critical component in water damage is making sure the flooring and walls are adequately dry. Suppose you encounter wet drywall in front of the leak. In that case, SERVPRO restoration specialists work on drying and restoring the wall and, in some cases, may cut around the damaged area and replace the drywall to ensure that there is no lingering moisture and the potential for mold growth.  

To dry the floor, technicians use air moving equipment in conjunction with dehumidifiers to dry out and circulate the air. Air movers enhance evaporation at the surface level to reduce overall drying time. When water evaporates from wet materials, the air hanging directly above the wet area is saturated with moisture and generally cooler. This heavy air because of a boundary layer of humidity that does not evaporate quickly. Hence, the use of high-velocity producing air movers. Technicians place these air movers throughout the room at surface level to enhance evaporation by replacing the cold boundary layer with warmer, drier air from the dehumidifiers.

It is essential to take safety precautions into account when using air movers to avoid overstressing them, which in turn could overheat the unit, posing a danger. They should always have three-prong plugs, safety screens over the inlets and outlets, and thermally protected motors. Some air movers have the ability for "daisy-chaining," allowing technicians to plug air movers into each other. This helps eliminate the dangers of long extension cords posing trip hazards while also decreasing the demand for power in your shop. 

For assistance 24/7, contact SERVPRO of Saugus, West Lynn at (978) 744-0409. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.