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SERVPRO Understands the Importance of Treating All Water Damage Incidents in Lynn with urgency

8/18/2021 (Permalink)

dishwasher leaking water Water damage may occur in different ways. SERVPRO IICRC certified technicians are trained and experienced in all sizes of water damage restoration.

Leaks From a Pipe Burst in Your Lynn Home

Several hazards are likely to arise when your Lynn home suffers water damage. The longer you wait to call a restoration company like SERVPRO, the worse your losses are likely to become. The problem needs to be addressed, the quicker it can be solved. Time is of the essence when dealing with water mitigation, primarily when focusing on all-important safety issues.

How Does SERVPRO Solve Different Safety Hazards When Restoring Your Water Damaged Property?

Our SERVPRO technicians begin by performing a safety evaluation before performing appropriate water damage restoration procedures in your Lynn property. We normally encounter damaged insulation, malfunctioning or broken HVAC systems, gas leaks, and mold growth. It is our work to identify these hazards before implementing proper remediation procedures. Additionally, we do the following:

  • We check out for sagging ceilings, and we make weep holes to allow water to drain safely.
  • Check whether electrical equipment contains water and turn off their circuits and ensure they are not operated until they are safe.
  • We ensure gas lines are capped, and valves are shut off so that no one accidentally turns them back on while the restoration is underway or attempts to use a gas appliance.
  • We check out for mold growth, and we eliminate them to minimize the chances of possible health effects.

SERVPRO of Saugus, West Lynn can restore your property to appear "Like it never even happened." Call (978) 744-0409 to work with a company that is Faster to Any Size Disaster. 

Does Water Damage Restoration in Saugus Homes Include Repairs?

6/17/2021 (Permalink)

water damaged hardwood floor; ready for SERVPRO to dry SERVPRO can restore water damaged structural items and make it "Like it never even happened."

Saugus SERVPRO Has a General Contractor License #cs-114298 So Water Cleanup Can Go Straight into Repairs and Rebuilding

It can be daunting for a Saugus homeowner to see their home before the water cleanup services begin. Burst pipes, water heaters dropping gallons upon gallons, or a sewage backup can all leave a large amount of damage to the structure and contents.

The goal of SERVPRO during Saugus water damage restoration services is to save homeowners from needing to replace walls, flooring, or contents lost to the water. There are certain factors, such as how quickly the water cleanup efforts began and whether the water in the home has any toxins or contamination that can affect the overall outcome. Remove portions of the sheetrock or controlled demo to remove floorboards or carpet to dry the subfloor after extracting the water. These actions assist with drying and help limit the amount of damage done to the property.

Benefits of SERVPRO Building Services 

  • Go straight from restoration and cleanup to reconstruction.
  • Technicians can install new flooring, walls, or other structural elements.

Homeowners can turn a negative situation into a positive and update the interior of their home with a new color palette.

SERVPRO of Saugus, West Lynn at (978) 744-0409 supports the local Saugus community for any size or type of water damage restoration services needed 24/7, including holidays.

Can Water Damage Lead to Streaking on Furniture for West Lynn Residents?

4/23/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO equipment removing water Our skilled technicians have the expertise and state of the art equipment to get your home back in order after a water catastrophe.

Streaking is One Consequence of Water Exposure. SERVPRO Has Water Damage Restoration Professionals in West Lynn

All fabrics respond differently to water exposure. Synthetics generally absorb more soils and stains than natural materials. However, these are typically easier to clean as they do not suffer the same damage as silks, linens, velvets, or leathers. Our technicians can take care of your upholstery during water restoration. 

Water restoration can include: 

  • Water damage repairs
  • Emergency services water damage
  • Water removal services

In addition to the above, water damage restoration for West Lynn homes can incorporate contents and upholstery cleaning. Stains that occur on upholstery, such as streaking, usually happen from overwetting. We use water extraction equipment fitted with furniture wands to remove moisture from upholstery without causing streaks. 

  • Pilating tools can help to even out streaking issues and are applied regularly throughout contents cleaning.
  • Fabric brushes with stiff bristles stand up fibers to reduce the streaking's visible effect and encourage an even finish.
  • Specialist upholstery tools in combination with pre-spraying cleaners further reduce the chances of permanent harm. 

Upholsteries require special care and attention after water exposure. Contact SERVPRO of Saugus, West Lynn at (978) 744-0409 now.

What Are Some Problems from Saugus Water Intrusion?

3/10/2021 (Permalink)

water damaged. carpet Water damage restoration to your property should be handled by a professional like SERVPRO. Their techs are ready 24/7.

 Hidden water damage is always a risk, but SERVPRO provides water cleanup to mitigate the problem. 

Saugus, MA, is a fascinating town, rich in history. The Hammersmith was built in 1646 in the town and was one of the most advanced ironworks in North America. The 19th century brought the ice industry to the area. Shoes, wool items, and tobacco were big industries during the Industrial Revolution. No matter the era, they had workers who needed to be fed. Today businesses throughout Saugus still need lunch breaks, and here are some of their favorite restaurants.

Angela’s Coal Fired Pizza

Pizza is always an excellent choice for lunch or dinner, especially when shared with friends or family. The menu is limited, but what they do have is delicious. The wings are fantastic, not overly sauced like you often get. Choose your crust type, and then pick out your favorite toppings. The crispy crust holds up well to all the sauce and cheesy goodness. 

Iron Town Diner

Diners are the perfect place to fuel up for breakfast and get home-cooked food for lunch. If you like red velvet cake, you have to try the pancakes that share the name. The Reuben sandwich is a local favorite, as is the Greek salad. Whatever you order, you will not be disappointed in the taste or amount. The portions served are very generous, and the staff is friendly and efficient. 

Border Café

If Mexican or Cajun is your go-to food, you will enjoy this restaurant. The menu has a great selection and is an interesting blend of cultures. It is a family-friendly eatery that is reasonably priced. Some of their menu items include salmon tacos, Louisiana gumbo, and enchiladas. 

Antique Table

This restaurant is one of Saugus’ hidden gems. Some of the favorites are chicken marsala, chicken parmigiana, and gnocchi. It is a cozy place with a décor that invites you to sit and stay awhile. The cuisine is what would be considered “American” Italian but is scrumptious. It is a restaurant you will find yourself heading to again and again. 

The Blue Ox

The Blue Ox is a great choice for lunch or dinner. They serve up some unique dishes such as pumpkin ravioli. Your choices range from burgers to lamb chops. They have a nice seafood selection as well, which includes crispy crab cakes. The seared pork belly over Asian slaw is a house specialty. They have gluten-free options. For dessert, the Crème Brulee is a must. 

SERVPRO Proudly Serves the Saugus Community

As a local business, we do our part by eating lunch at these fine establishments whenever we can slip out. The delicious food keeps us fueled up to handle all your water cleanup needs. If you have experienced a water intrusion in your home, get professional help to avoid hidden damages. When something like your dishwasher overflows, it can lead to:

  • Disruption to your day
  • Moisture flowing under the floor
  • Secondary damage such as mold
  • Water traveling down through the walls
  • Damaged cabinets and woodwork
  • Loose or warped floor tiles

Secondary damage is one of the biggest concerns with water damage. That is why professional water cleanup is so important. SERVPRO of Saugus, West Lynn provides that service and more. Contact us at (978) 744-0409 for all your water, fire, and flood restoration needs. 

What is Water Mitigation vs. Water Restoration?

2/24/2021 (Permalink)

a water damaged ceiling that is breaking apart Facing water damage? SERVPRO is prepared with restoration equipment and experienced technicians. Call us at (978) 744-0409 today!

SERVPRO Handles Water Mitigation and Total Restoration to Bring Your West Lynn Home to Pre-Loss Condition

Any number of water catastrophes could take place in and around your West Lynn home. However, it is how you act and what happens during the clean up that matters most. SERVPRO features skilled water restoration technicians (WRT) armed with all the water mitigation knowledge necessary to get the job done correctly the first time.

To better understand water mitigation in West Lynn, the differences are as follows:

  • Water mitigation helps lessen the impact and prevent more damage from taking place.
  • Water damage restoration is a process for repairing and rebuilding the damage brought on by the water.

With our water mitigation services from SERVPRO, we extract water using powerful equipment and utilize moisture detection equipment to measure the dampness levels. We also put air scrubbers, fans, and dehumidifiers into play that work on drying out the water-logged portion of your property.

The length of time that mitigation takes depends on your project's overall scope and how severe the water damage is. We work as fast as possible to keep secondary damage from setting in, bringing the potential of excessive moisture that creates a breeding ground for mold.

SERVPRO of Saugus, West Lynn is the team to call when you need water mitigation services. Call us at (978) 744-0409 to have our Green Fleet dispatched to your property to get to work.

Take a Hike in Saugus

1/28/2021 (Permalink)

man with telescope looking at the night sky Look to the sky for stargazing, and look to SERVPRO for your water damage restoration needs.

Saugus Residents Learn to Hike at Night 

Saugus has many excellent hiking opportunities, and this class will introduce hikers of all experience levels to the fun of night hiking. This event will cover the basics of getting around safely with minimal light, hike in a controlled environment, and using natural night vision to navigate paths. There will be plenty of stargazing and an instructor-provided history of the area. This excursion is a level one hiking course and ideal for anyone new and just beginning. Safety basics including how to make your way over uneven terrain in the dark, get covered to help hikers develop confidence, and acquire the essential skill set necessary for night hiking. The list of gear needed gets provided at the time of registration. Contact the organizer at (617) 942-0258 with questions.

  • Date: February 5, 2021
  • Time: 5 PM to 7 PM 
  • Location: Boston Outdoor School, 131 Walnut Street
  • Price: $35 per person

SERVPRO of Saugus, West Lynn at (978) 744-0409 is the place to call when the need for water damage restoration services arises. The techs are available 24/7 to support local Saugus properties for any size cleanup. 

Residents in Saugus Are Returning their Homes to Pre-loss Condition Following Water Damage.

12/9/2020 (Permalink)

Saugus Iron Works National Historic Site Water restoration should be left to the professionals. SERVPRO has the experience and equipment best to fit your water damage needs.

SERVPRO of Saugus, West Lynn Assists Local Homeowners with Water Intrusion, Leaks, and Restoration.

Saugus' town is a part of the Greater Boston Area with a long manufacturing history and a current population of 26,628 people. The name Saugus is derived from the Algonquin people who originally settled in West Lynn, Reading, and Wakefield. As an early English settlement, the town made waves as one of the first Ironworks in the US, which began with the Saugus Iron Works in 1646. The national historic site used several water wheels to power the production and purification of Iron ore, and today has been faithfully reconstructed. At the same time, the surrounding grounds became a national park in 1968. The industrial revolution saw parts of Saugus become hotbeds for the mass production of shoes, tobacco, and many other enterprises. Despite being a relatively small township, Saugus played an important role both militarily and economically during the American Revolutionary War- the civil war monument in the town center pays tribute to those who dedicated their lives. Economically, the southern tobacco states were replaced temporarily by Saugus' Waitt and Bond, who set up in East Saugus.

Visits to Saugus promise a combination of history and wildlife. The reconstructed Saugus Iron Works on Central Street is a specific example. The heritage center runs many events throughout the year showing history buffs how the Iron Works purified iron ore, shaped materials, and drew power from the nearby water. The tours run on weekdays and through the week, led mainly by local park rangers and curators from the Ironworks museum. The Breakheart Reservation stretches 652 across both Saugus and Wakefield. Inside are two freshwater lakes as well as forestry and wildlife conservation. The opening hours are from sunrise to sunset, while there are several excellent hiking trails and supervised swimming sessions in some of the State Parks freshwater lakes. This site's archaeological significance can be enjoyed by taking some educational programs and tours through the various campsites. At the same time, cross-country skiing is encouraged during the winter months. Fishing, biking, and horseback riding are also regular events taking place at the Breakheart Reservation.

  • The Square One Mall just off Route 1 has permanent stores, including Macy's, TJ Maxx, and Best Buy. The multi-storied shopping center features 100 shopping destinations with dining experiences serving the communities surrounding Saugus. The shopping district offers a wide selection of sports, health & beauty, fashion, and family-focused shops.
  • For entertainment, the Wicked Escapes adventure room on the broadway attracts visitors from nearby Boston and West Lynn. The setup is relatively simple, with guests given a set of orange overalls and some clues to help them escape a cell block. Group parties are welcomed, while these events can also make significant team-building training events for businesses.
  • The Saugus Plaza offers a variety of nightlife and entertainment. On Main Street, Buffalo Wild Wings is a sports, wings, and cocktails bar for late-night revelers in the Saugus area. Opening hours run from 11 am to 11 pm every day, with their kitchen closing slightly early at 10 pm.

Exploring Saugus' unique history at the Boardman House. 

The Boardman House is a historic site on Howard Street that has remained a part of Saugus since the seventeenth century. The building itself has somehow managed to remain mostly intact over the past 300 years and allows guests to experience the early settlers' lives in Massachusetts. The Boardman House was named after William Boardman, who worked as a joiner in 1692 when the house was built. The quality of building materials and construction within the home saw it fit to be made a Historic Landmark and earn a place on the register of historic places. 

  • Historic New England owns the land, a trustee-led preservation society with buildings of historical significance. Admissions to the Boardman House are $5 and include a tour of the various seventeenth-century building construction methods. Children and Seniors receive concessions. 
  • The Historic New England society was originally founded in 1910 by William Sumner Appleton, who, incidentally, also purchased the Boardman House around the same time. The organization frequently raises money for the upkeep of historical sites, increases its income by welcoming over 200,000 visitors each year, and operates through five New England states. 
  • The core mission statements behind this organization focus on sustainability, engagement, and preservation. Historic sites are brought to life by local historians, tours, and events throughout the year, including Saugus, taking part in the Fall Festival. 

SERVPRO of Saugus, West Lynn Works Diligently to Restore Homes Using Advanced Cleaning and Drying Apparatus. 

Water leaks in the home are common during periods of sustained rainfall. However, these damp spots can cause numerous issues to your belongings and even threaten the structural integrity of the home itself. SERVPRO technicians can establish an effective drying strategy in your home to ensure that a water leak does not lead to a more expensive issue. By using a combination of rapid air-moving equipment, psychrometric science, and dehumidifiers, our technicians can return your home to its normal, pre-damage state. By working quickly and communicating regularly, we can ensure that our customers do not experience undue stress or inconvenience. Our crew chiefs and production technicians are always on-hand to provide you with information and guidance during the restoration process. 

  • Rapid air-moving equipment, venting box fans, and air filtration devices can all be deployed in your home to remove liquid moisture and dry belongings or structure. 
  • Our dehumidifiers come in a range of types and sizes. We are flexible and can work within the confines of your home's unique architecture to bring down humidity and reduce secondary damages.
  • Using psychrometric science, our team can accurately predict the length of restoration and how effective our methods are every step of the way. 

Professional water restoration ensures that your home does not suffer unnecessary secondary damages. Contact SERVPRO of Saugus, West Lynn at (978) 744-0409.

Does Carpet Have to Get Replaced Automatically After Water Damage in Saugus?

10/25/2020 (Permalink)

a man ripping up a water damaged carpet from the floor Repairing your house after water damage can be a complicated process. Contact SERVPRO 24/7 for professional remediation services.

SERVPRO technicians can assist local Saugus homeowners in the restoration of wet carpet and, in many cases, save them the cost of replacement

One of the critical elements to limiting the need to replace items after a water disaster in a home is to begin the cleanup as rapidly as possible. There are several actions that SERVPRO techs can perform to increase the chances of a complete restoration of wet carpet in Saugus homes such as: 

  • Drilling weep-holes to assist with both drainage and airflow
  • Floating the carpet during the drying phase of mitigation
  • Using weighted-extractor heads to push out the maximum amount of moisture

What Does Floating Carpet Mean During Water Damage Restoration?

After a pipe break or other type of water damage restoration need in your Saugus home, you might hear terms such as tenting or floating in reference to your carpet. These are both common actions performed by SERVPRO to increase the chances of successfully drying the carpet and pad in place.

Tenting is the use of plastic sheeting over a portion of wet carpet, usually a smaller-sized area. Both air movers and dehumidifiers get connected to the "tent" and deliver warm, dry air while simultaneously porting away moisture water vapor through the dehumidification equipment.

When SERVPRO technicians "float" a carpet, the method is exactly what it sounds like. The techs loosen one side of the carpet and position air movers to direct the airflow under the carpet, effectively causing it to rise off the pad while allowing both elements to dry completely. Both of these techniques allow the techs to limit the disruption to the home by drying the carpet in place.

Contact SERVPRO of Saugus, West Lynn, at (978) 744-0409 when you need water damage restoration of any size to your home. The certified techs are available 24/7 to clean up your home and make it, "Like it never even happened."

Click here for more information about Saugus.

How Does SERVPRO Clean Spots and Stains During Water? Cleanup in Saugus

9/22/2020 (Permalink)

Water from cups on wood texture The tools and equipment our technicians have, can help remove all forms of water damage.

Our technicians use various tests and tools to help remove spots and stains

It is common to expect severe losses after water spills in a property. However, there are cases when minor imperfections have a significant impact. When performing water cleanup in Saugus, there is a need to ensure that any stain or spots are addressed, restoring the property to its preloss state. SERVPRO uses different approaches to deal with such imperfections.

Spots, Stains, and Discolorations

For a team to ensure that Saugus's water cleanup process addresses all imperfections that develop, there is a need to identify clearly what a problem involves. There is a difference between spots, stains, and discolorations in fabrics and other property materials. A spot signifies that a substance has been added to a fiber. A stain, on the other hand, involves the addition of dye molecules to a fiber. Discoloration is the loss of color, meaning that a section of the fiber is lighter than the surrounding areas. The differences might seem minor, but they play a huge role in determining the restoration procedure.

Determining the Type of Soil

After the spots and stains form, it is not always possible to tell what caused them, especially if the area has already been cleaned. Our SERVPRO technicians, therefore, try to identify any spots and stains within the property before cleaning starts. Most of the stains form from regular items found in the house, including medication, grooming products, plants, or furniture. If the cause is not conclusive, our technicians can use pH test processes to determine the substance that forms the spots. We can also rely on physical aspects such as spread patterns, which indicate the stain formation process.

Timely Removal

Given time, most blemishes set, ruining the affected fiber permanently, but fast action can help prevent such an outcome. Our SERVPRO technicians use various procedures, including vacuuming, scraping, blotting, and flushing, to remove such blemishes as fast as possible. We use mild detergents, plain water, and volatile dry solvents to deal with water-based and oil-based blemishes.

Spots and stains can ruin the outcome of a cleanup process. Call SERVPRO of Saugus, West Lynn at (978) 744-0409, to help remove traces left by an incident, "Like it never even happened."

How Do Professionals Handle Water Loss to Walls, Floors, and Ceilings?

9/15/2020 (Permalink)

shingled home, flag and two wooden lawn chairs SERVPRO Lets Saugus Customers Relax while We Cleanup and Restore Their Water Damaged Homes! "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Brings High-Quality Training, Experience, and Equipment to Water Damage in Saugus Homes -- We Prioritize Clear Communication to Homeowners Concerning Our Efforts

Saugus property owners tend to focus first on the harm done by water to walls, floors, and ceilings. The following is a brief primer on how we approach damage to these critical structural components to prepare you for the interventions you are likely to observe and experience as our crews work to make a water loss “Like it never even happened.”

What Are Common Issues with Water-Damaged Drywall?

Water damage in your Saugus dwelling can involve multiple layers of drywall. If your home has a history of remodeling or repairs, several layers of the lightweight boards covering the same area is expected. Multiple layers of drywall can significantly increase the drying time after water saturation. One sheet can take 5 to 7 days to dry, but that timeframe can double or more if additional layers are present. The extra cost to dry overlapping drywall and the risk of secondary damage such as mold growth might result in us recommending replacing the materials.

Can Water-Damaged Hardwood Floors Be Restored?

As long as SERVPRO crews arrive promptly, we deliver excellent results for water damaged hardwood floors. Hardwoods are dense, protecting against water incursions. Even if the water absorbed results in buckling, cupping, or warping, professional drying allows skilled technicians to sand and refinish the surfaces. Wood floor restoration can take one to two months, requiring the following before ready for sanding and refinishing:

  • Initial reduced relative humidity to 30 to 45 percent using air movement above and below the floor
  • Continued reduction of the relative humidity, increasing air temperature when RH falls below 16 percent
  • Sanding and refinishing only when the floor’s moisture continent is below 12 percent
  • Monitoring subfloor drying using penetrating moisture metering devices

Should Ceiling Tiles Stay or Be Replaced?

SERVPRO technicians reach out to licensed asbestos removal contractors if the tiles contain that hazardous substance. Replacing tiles is relatively inexpensive, and makes sense when the materials exhibit stains or noticeable bowing. Temporary removal is typical to permit airflow, and we consult with you and your insurance company when determining whether to reseat the old tiles or install new.

Have confidence that SERVPRO of Saugus, West Lynn follows water damage restoration best practices and strives to keep you informed as the project proceeds. Call us at (978) 744-0409 to get the process started because early interventions show the most successful results.