Water Damage Photo Gallery

cooper pipe fitting spewing water studs showing

Saugus Frozen Water Pipe Damage

The extremely cold weather froze some pipes in this Saugus home. The broken fitting in this shower stall area shows the damage caused by the water. SERVPRO can repair the pipe, dry the area, and close up the walls.

pooling water on warped red floorboards

Water Warping Hardwoods in West Lynn

Crawlspace homes usually have oak or pine planking supported by floor joists in older homes in the West Lynn area. These tongue and groove floorboards are expensive to be replaced, so SERVPRO technicians work hard to dry and salvage them.

flood cut way, green drying devices by commode

Saugus Water Damage Mitigation

The Photo shows a controlled demolition in a Saugus bathroom to minimize the deconstruction. Rapid drying with the shown air movers and dehumidifier helps to dry the area and mitigate the water damage.

wood panel wall with water stains, floor register

Saugus Water Damage

The water line on the paneled wall of this Saugus home indicates that the liquid wicked into the material. Luckily, SERVPRO has skilled technicians to dry out the wet building materials (including the carpet) and prevent demolition and excessive costs for our customers. Count on us to help.

water damaged tape and ceiling white color

West Lynn Water Damaged Ceiling

The leak in the attic resulted in ceiling damage to this West Lynn home. The SERVPRO team can stop the drip, and dry the joint tape and mud in the attempt to minimize the repair. We try to restore this ceiling panel, rather than a controlled demolition and replacing a large piece.

rover vacuum with hose, carpet and sofa

West Lynn Water Removal

The famed "Rover" is a device in our advanced water removal inventory at SERVPRO. A crew member can ride this equipment, adding extra weight to help squeeze the water out of this Berber carpet. We always strive to restore and not replace water-damaged items and content. Our West Lynn customer was delighted that we could salvage this carpet.