Commercial Photo Gallery

tech sanding drywall, equipment on tarp covered floor.

Water Damage Repair in West Lynn

Our SERVPRO crew responded to an Urgent Care Center in West Lynn request for help with water damage. We removed the water from the shown waiting room and then proceeded to demolish and remove the non-salvageable drywall. Our technician is sanding down the newly installed drywall with an air scrubber present to capture airborne dust. With our General Contractor License #: cs-114298 we can complete the entire job, one-stop shopping!

carpet now dry, equipment working, gray cubicle and chairs shown

Saugus Water Cleanup in a Call Center

This small call center/office suite in Saugus suffered a water leak from the restroom. SERVPRO responded quickly, vacuumed up the moisture, and then set air movers and dehumidifiers to dry the workplace. We can salvage all the furnishings with fast action.

SERVPRO service vehicle in front of a medical facility at night

Late Night Commercial Water Damage Cleanup in Woburn

When a medical facility in Woburn had a water damage event late at night, the technicians from SERVPRO arrived quickly to begin the extraction and drying. A portion of the walls needed emergency demolition and reconstruction to get the facility back to serving the community as fast as possible.

white Tyvek suit tech spraying chemical, in structure

West Lynn Municipal Disinfection Application

SERVPRO continues to treat many West Lynn commercial and municipal buildings with fogging and electrostatic disinfecting agents. Our tech has donned a Tyvek Hazmat suit and gear during this service. We can secure the health and safety of occupants of buildings with our expert efforts. We can help.

green air movers drying floor in office with desks

Saugus Air Quality Improvement

The fast response of our SERVPRO crew mitigated the water damage to this West Lynn office. We immediately vacuumed up the water from the carpet, placed the wood furniture on dense foam blocks, and used small-snout air movers to dry the air and flooring. No lasting damage, not even to the metal filing cabinets.

opened ceiling, damaged tiles and insulation

West Lynn Office Building Water Damage

The driving rainstorm soaked the insulation and ceiling tiles in this West Lynn commercial building. It pays to keep a roof in good order. Our SERVPRO team can remove and discard the inexpensive ceiling tiles--generally, it is not cost-effective to dry and restore them. We do dry the above void to prevent mold growth and apply an antimicrobial product.