Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Living room with plastic over the entrance from the stairs

Saugus Pressure Cooker Mishap Leaves Smoke Damage Cleanup for SERVPRO

SERVPRO handled severe smoke damage from a pressure cooker that got left on in a Saugus home. The techs found the issue was limited to the downstairs and partitioned off the work area to stop the spread of smoke odors throughout the home. 

fire damage garage, charred elements and ceiling

Fire in a West Lynn Garage

The devastation from this fire in a West Lynn garage can be cleaned up in a few days by a crack SERVPRO crew. After discarding the ruined materials according to local codes, we can begin restoring improved air quality as we prepare for the build back.

sooty looking ceiling, damaged cabinets

Fire and Smoke Damage in a Saugus Kitchen

The sooty deposits on the ceiling of this Saugus kitchen require careful cleaning with special detergents and sponges. This can minimize the smearing and the need to repaint the entire ceiling, walls, and cabinets surfaces. Our team can then complete the odor removal process.

soot on wall and ceiling, showing white area cleaned of the film

Saugus Smoke and Soot Cleanup

The house fire sent smoke and soot circulating through the entire floor of this Saugus home. The Photo shows how our SERVPRO team can wipe down, using special sponges and detergents, affected walls. Homeowners are delighted when repainting is not needed.

Scorched and destroyed from fire range and kitchen cabinets and walls

Saugus Fire Mishap in a Kitchen

This kitchen in a Saugus home was devastated by a grease fire from an unintended frying pan. A few moments of carelessness can result in thousands of dollars in free damage cleanup and restoration. Luckily, Our SERVPRO crew can manage a seamless transition from this Photo to a new kitche

sooty, black film on doors and ceiling

West Lynn Smoke Damage

The smoke from a small fire in a West Lynn home deposited a black, sooty film on many porous surfaces. Our SERVPRO technicians can pre-test using several products to find the right solution to cleaning away the smoke damage. The goal is to prevent re-painting of the surfaces.

charred back wall, damaged sheetrock, showing exhaust duct

Fire Damaged Laundry Closet in Saugus

The Photo illustrates the results of a lint filled exhaust duct in a Saugus residence. The fire damaged was localized; our SERVPRO team can remove the debris and prepare the walls for a build back. The duct can be cleaned and cleared with a metal whisk and vacuumed with our equipment.