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How Does SERVPRO Handle Smoke, Odors, and Fire Damage After a Fire Incident In Your Saugus Home

9/17/2020 (Permalink)

Smoke stained oven in kitchen after fire Whether it is a small fire or large fire, SERVPRO can help restore your home to pre loss condition.

SERVPRO has the equipment needed to remove smoke odors from your Saugus home

One of the biggest concerns after a house fire is not charred furniture or burnt walls, but the long-lasting impact of offensive smoke odors that can linger even after the house is clean and damaged items restored.

Fire damage in your Saugus home means that your life was just uprooted from your daily routine. All of a sudden, you have nothing to wear that does not smell like smoke, and your home may or may not be livable. After assessing the fire's damage and securing the impacted structure for safety purposes, it is now essential to go about the arduous task of deodorizing your home and all of its contents. 

The first step is to remove the smoke residues as the odor's source can extend the life of the smell. When SERVPRO restorers remove affected contents and clean or replace the affected materials, the smoke smell greatly diminishes within the home. After removing these odor sources, restorers determine whether the smoke damage is light, moderate, or heavy to decide which techniques are most effective in the deodorization process. Although the offensive odor may seem overwhelming and extreme, most house fires have light to moderate smoke damage.

In a light smoke odor situation, the smoke only affects a small area of the home, typically the kitchen, without any significant structural damage. In rooms farther away from the source, there is no detectable odor. In this case, after source removal, SERVPRO technicians ventilate the area and clean surfaces having smoke residues with a cleaning solution such as Wall and Surface Cleaner (#351). 

Then, they continue to control the odors by using instant odor counteracting beads or pellets. Technicians may use thermal fogging in the affected area beginning near the source and dispensing less fog further away from the source. Technicians inspect crawl spaces and wall cavities for odor pockets, fogging where needed. They also check the HVAC system within the home if it was in use during the fire. They may use cheesecloth over the vents to see if there is any smoke contamination. Cheesecloth also acts as a protectant, keeping the HVAC system from resoiling during cleaning. 

There is typically more structural damage in moderate and heavy smoke damage situations than in light smoke damage. ULV fogging or activated oxygen (ozone) may be required, and an overall more extensive restoration process where the residents often evacuate until completion of the home.

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